Fedotov Pavel. The Major Goes Courting. Fine art print B3
Fedotov Pavel. The Major Goes Courting. Fine art print B3

Fedotov Pavel. The Major Goes Courting. Fine art print B3

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Author Pavel Fedotov (1815 -1852)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Paper type Linen, 230 g/m2
Epochs Art of the 19th centuries
Publication size B3 (40x50 )
Publication type Fine Art Print
Date of Origin 1848
Paper size (custom print) 40x50
Size of original, cm 58.3x75.4
In deployment fedotovs of plots the very relevant role is played by conversation. The major courts to the daughter of a merchant, hoping to correct the circumstances, the scheme of the most famous picture Fedotov is those plot. The artist commented on it in specially composed : ... And can look, / As ours bird wants to take the flight; / And clever mother / For a dress it catch! / And can look, / As in another gornica / the hawk bird, / As the major thick, gallant, / / Twists the whisker: / I, say, up to money shall reach! Fedotiv with exclusive wit and skill builds composition: the figures are connected mutually, the grouping breathes by living motion, and, at visible turmoil of characters, scene was seen by an amazing plastics and rhythm. The literary and theatrical associations indicate the synthetic nature fedotovs of a genre. Not pitying time for looking ups of a nature, studying life (according to the artist), Fedotov subjected an accumulated material to careful selection and the skilful producer operated with him as. The comedy of customs played in Courtship of the major , remains by a unsurpassed masterpiece of art ; each group, pose, gesture gain here expressiveness of the scenic formula.
Artist insisted on moralizing effect of the picture, shown discards but calculation. But one of the friends of Fedotov was deeply right, which one on moralizing maxims of the artist has noted: ... Your force not in studing of customs, or, if want, in studing only not through... Moral, and through a show refined . Having infrequent for fine art by quality - humour, - the work of Fedotov calls a smile, causes to admire, to admire - but, certainly, not with moral and that refinement, with which one this moral is presented by the artist.

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