Shishkin Ivan. Rye. Art print on canvas
Shishkin Ivan. Rye. Art print on canvas

Shishkin Ivan. Rye. Art print on canvas

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Author Ivan Shishkin (1832 -1898)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Museum of original Tretyakov Gallery
Genres Landscapes
Epochs Art of the 19th centuries
Date of Origin 1878
Size of original, cm 107x187
The wide open space. The field of corn is gold from end to end. The giant pine-trees look like being on the watch, protecting the peace of this kind ground for grain crops. The Ivan Shishkins paintings The rye is one of the classical work of art of the Russian realist landscape painting. The artist made the inscription on the study of the panting: The expence, the space, the land, the rye, the grace, the Russian wealth.. He enumerated everything he wanted to show by his painting. He did it great. The rye is one of the best Shishkins paintings at all.- Iv.Kramskoy wrote to E. Repin. Thanks to the wide line perspective and the color conclusion in painting the rye field and almost lifeless air surroundings, the painter achieved the monument ness of narration. The landscape is static on purpose, seems like imprinted by artist for ever. Even swallows, flying above the road through the rye. Shishkin is delighted with splendor and power of Russian space and shows his delight to us. Being true to himself, he chose pine-trees for his painting (as for many others) by no chance. He wanted to show bogatyr-longlivers evergreen conifers, but the quivering in the wind birches. Compositional and pictorial conclusion of painting are submitted to the only thing glorifying the power and wealth of native surroundings.

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