Van Gogh Vincent. A Bush. Art print on canvas
Van Gogh Vincent. A Bush. Art print on canvas

Van Gogh Vincent. A Bush. Art print on canvas

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Author Vincent Van Gogh (1853 -1890)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Museum of original From collection of the Hermitage museum
Genres Landscapes
Countries The Art of France
Epochs Art of the 19th centuries
Date of Origin 1889
Size of original, cm 72x92
Bush is one of the most wonderful works by Van Gogh. At the first glance, the picture seems to shine with some inner joy. Looking at it you feel like saying: how much the artist loved his life, what a great optimist he was. But is that right? Former the picture was referred to the Arles period of his works. Now it is ascertained precisely that it was painted in the garden of Saint-Remis asylum a year before the artists death. In the letter addressed to his brother Van Gogh wrote that in the garden of the asylum he found two subjects on which he was working at that time. One of them was violet irises; the other was a lilac bush. The last became the base for the very picture. Evidently, in that work the artist suffering physically and, which is bitterer, morally sought for the opportunity to leave the environment being absorbed in the nature. But his condition reveals itself involuntarily in the way he saw that modest motive. The dense grass and the flowers in the foreground are really wonderful. The triumphant blue, azure, green colours in which the blooming bush is painted sound as the hymn to the beauty and strength of the nature. But the blue of the second ground is painted in such an intensive shade that it sets ones thinking about Van Goghs inner tension. Every painted form, every stroke of the picture is extremely strained. The petals and thin springs of irises writhe as if in fire, the tangle of grass and bush boughs is chaotic and uneasy. The nature that stroke Van Gogh by its beauty did not give peace to his agonizing soul.

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