Benois Albert (Nicholaevich). English Cottage. Fine art print B2
Benois Albert (Nicholaevich). English Cottage. Fine art print B2

Benois Albert (Nicholaevich). English Cottage. Fine art print B2

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Author Albert Benois (1852 -1936)
Media of Original Painting Watercolour and gouache on paper on cardboard
Paper type Linen, 230 g/m2
Genres Countryside Scenes
Epochs Art of the 20th centuries
Publication size B2 (50x70 см)
Publication type Fine Art Print
Paper size (custom print) 50х70 cm
Size of original, cm 33.5x48
Do you know where 'The English Cottage' is? Is that the painting's name or what people have chosen to call it? The cottage is 'The Coppice' at Shilton, near Burford in Oxfordshire. The Edwards family have lived there since 1919 and it is where Camilla Benois died in 1934. Albert Benois and his younger brother Alexandre were visitors on a number of occasions - Albert more often than Alexandre. I think the painting was executed in 1934 when Albert came to England for his sister's funeral.

(Jeremy Matthew Benois Edwards, the great grandson of Camilla Benois [Albert Benois' sister])

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