Bryullov Karl. Bathsheba. Fine art print B2
Bryullov Karl. Bathsheba. Fine art print B2

Bryullov Karl. Bathsheba. Fine art print B2

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Author Karl Bryullov (1799 -1852)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Paper type Linen, 230 g/m2
Museum of original From collection of the Tretyakov Gallery
Genres Nude Art
Epochs Art of the 19th centuries
Publication size B2 (50x70 )
Publication type Fine Art Print
Date of Origin 1832
Paper size (custom print) 70x50 cm
Size of original, cm 173x125.5
Bathsheba is one of the infrequent Brulovs reference to the Bible. The plot is from the second Book of Kingdom (chapter 11). The king David saw Virsaviya, a wife of commander Uria, when she was having bath and commanded Uria go to the battle. After that he took Virsaviya to his castle. In punishment of this sin Davids first baby died at the seventh day.
However, Brulov is interested in exotic eastern culture, her beauty, not in the plot. The motive is a naked body, shone by the sunset. It helped the artist to show his talent. The figure is shown with the undulating continuous line which the contemporaries of the arrtist admired.
The face is in the shadow, but the outline profile is highlighted. It creates the feeling of alive body. There is a lot of coloured reflexes on the canvas. Spectator admires of glares of a water spray, on the wall of the swimmingpool, sparkled by fasteners of bright eastern clothes, by iridescent wings a dragonfly which is flying above Virsaviyas head. The mottled whitness of the skin is shaded by the figure of a black skined servant introducing in a picture mild smack of eroticism. The critic V. V. Stasov said: The young body of Venus is like a shinning lily ,dismissed and aromatic, on a dark green background of a thicket and shining greasy black body of the servant negro.
Perhars, Brulov was not satisfied with the picture and did not finish it.

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