Theophanes the Greek . The Circle of Theophanes the Greek Transfiguration. Fine art print A4 +
Theophanes the Greek . The Circle of Theophanes the Greek Transfiguration. Fine art print A4 +

Theophanes the Greek . The Circle of Theophanes the Greek Transfiguration. Fine art print A4 +

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Media of Original Painting Tempera on wood
Paper type Mat paper, 300 g/m2
Epochs Art about 17th enturies
Subjects Christian Subjects in Art
Publication size A4+ (24x30 )
Publication type Fine Art Print
Date of Origin XV
Paper size (custom print) 24x30 cm
Size of original, cm 184x134
The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ is one of the most important Christian holidays in honor of the Transfiguration of the Savior before his apostles at Favor mountain.
The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated at 6.August (19-old style). There was (and is) the custom to bless first fruits of new harvest at the Transfiguration of the Savior holiday, that is why people call this holiday Savior of the Apple Feast Day . According to the Gospel the Holy Transfiguration dates back to the time when Jesus Christ brought his teaching to people in the circle of his apostles and preached it traveling around the country and performing miracles and recovering. One day, according to three gospellers (Matthew, Mark, Luke), he took three his apostles Peter and brothers Jacob and John, and ascented the Phavor mountain. And there Christ began to pray and After praying his face was radiating, his clothes was sparkling like snow. The Old Testament Elijah the Prophet and Moses came to Jesus and talked to him about the Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem . Peter said:Rabbi! It is so good to be here for us; let us make three pastures: for You, Moses and Elijah. He did not know what to say more because everybody was afraid. While Peter saying the cloud blessed them and they heard the Voice: This is my beloved Son, you must listened to him.. Apostles fell down on their knees and vailed their heads. Jesus told them :Stand up and do not be afraid..When they stood up the vision had disappeared. When they stepped down the mountain the Voice ordered them:Do not tell about the vision anybody till the son of Man not to raise from dead. .The main essence of God is unsearchable and closed for human, but he could feel this light energy, which Jesus presented in Transfiguration to people. The human not only could take this energy by means of purifying but acquire it and get the ideal, lighten subsistence.
One of the most well-known Russian image of Transfiguration the icon, which author was considered to be the Russian learner of the great Byzantine Theophan Grek. It is from the Perejaslavl-Zalesky cathedral. There is the mountain Favor, contained the miracle, spreading wide out on the icon, hills take up the whole plane of the icon with terracotta and olive-green. In the middle of it, from both sides, there are little figures hang over like ledges and separated from the other picture. These are the learners headed by Jesus Christ climbing up and down the mountain. That means the beginning and the end of the event.
The event is also presented in fill measure: the attitudes of amazed learners, painted at the bottom of the icon, are utmost expressive. At the upper corners above the blue clouds angels are bringing Elijah and Moses to the Favor, lower they appear at the top of mountain, imbued with deep thought, bent respectfully before (). The prophets features are serene and well- recognized: grey-bearded Elijah and dark-haired Moses, having in his hands his distinctive sign a table, on which he wrote precepts of God. The image of transfigured Jesus Christ is the main thing, with which the author comprehends this event completely. His image is impervious and full of inaccessible wisdom; it feels like his body in sparkling, dazzling white and gold clothes, lost its weight. The light from him makes also white-gold six-cornered star within a blue, full of gold rays circle.
This light from Jesus Christ, sparkling and supernatural, runs through the entire icon, touches the clothes of prophets with silver sheen, covers the ground with gold luminescence. Its rays touch his learners like they are blinded, fell amazing. The supernatural light discovered here to people, makes them amazed.

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