"Vzor" Magazine, N 03. Culture as the way of life.
"Vzor" Magazine, N 03. Culture as the way of life.

"Vzor" Magazine, N 03. Culture as the way of life.

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The description is in Russian only
Issue No 3 contains the following articles: -London. Photo-essay on the capital of Great Britain by Alexander Tyagni-Ryadno; -Tatiana Shipova. Following the traces of Daguerres discovery; -Dmitry Losev. The Artist and the City; -He is Known All Over the World. The paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky in Private Collections all over the world; -Boris Syainas. Churchill: The Apogee of Glory; -Peter Vlasov. The White Lily of Stalingrad; -Peter Vlasov. The Valkyrie of the Third Reich; -Vsevolod Sakharov. Playwright M. Bulgakov at the Theatre of the Politbureau; -Victor Mazurik. Two Japans; -Joseph Farnsworth. Cloning: The Way of Biotechnological Triumph Leading to a Deadlock; -Svetlana Tsygankova. The Wooden Architecture of Karelia; -Altai. Eleven photographs by Mikhail Latyshev (Barnaul); -B.O. The Desert as a Symbol, Metaphor and Simply a Desert; -Yuri Sibiryakov. Five Miles from Gundagai.

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Nicholas Roerich Museum New York

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Agni Publishing House (Samara, Russia), Nicholas Roerich Museum (New York) and Fine Arts Academy Gallery (Moscow, Russia) have published a unique album, dedicated to the pictorial heritage of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).

Nicholas Roerich. Album, volume 2Will be available on the second volume of a unique publication dedicated to the works of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).
The album was released by the publishing house "Agni" (Samara), with active cooperation of the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York, as well as the Moscow Gallery Fine Arts Academy and the St. Petersburg State Museum and Institute of the Roerich Family.