Roerich Nicholas. Overseas Guests. Art print on canvas
Roerich Nicholas. Overseas Guests. Art print on canvas

Roerich Nicholas. Overseas Guests. Art print on canvas

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Author Nicholas Roerich (1874 -1947)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Style Symbolists
Epochs Art of the 20th centuries
Date of Origin 1901
Size of original, cm 85x112.5
In creativity Nikolay Konstanchinovich Rerich the love to Russia and her historical monuments, ancient temples, monasteries was early exhibited; he glorified their beauty in painting, architectural etudes, articles, researches. The cloth Ђ the Foreign visitors ї enters in cycle of pictures Ђ The Beginning of Russia. The slavs ї. In a nem the artist reconstructs a landscape ancient by Northern Russia: the green hills with wood cities on tops, cyan ice cold river, on which one greatly sail speckled varyagskie planers. The Earth is young and is fine, is full by romantic waiting of discoveries. Decorative of colour and composite finalty of product in many respects are determined by lessons A.I. Kuingy, academic teacher of Rerich, but even more - principles is modern, transforming a picture in a decorative panel, some kind of art.

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Overseas Guests. Art print on canvas
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