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Degas Edgar. Blue dancers. Fine art postcard A6
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Degas Edgar. Woman Combing Her Hair. Fine art postcard A6
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 DEGAS Edgar (1834-1917) - French artist.
He was born in a family of large financial bourgeoisie and received a classical education. In 1855 he entered the School of Fine Arts in Paris where Engrs tradition had not been interrupted, whom Degas all his life counted as the greatest modern artist. Degas's first creations were self-portraits and the family portraits characterized by the simplicity and already testified his talent. Interests to new plots have entailed the painter to hippodromes and for side scenes of theatres where he has opened for himself the colourful world. Then in his creative work new techniques appeared, original composite decisions, frequent with the displacement of the composition center. Degas's constantly updated art, influenced a lot on his contemporaries.

See also:
Edgar Degas, fine art prints and fine art posters
Canvas art print of Edgar Degas pictures

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