Vasnetsov Victor. Warrior Knights. Fine art print B2
Vasnetsov Victor. Warrior Knights. Fine art print B2

Vasnetsov Victor. Warrior Knights. Fine art print B2

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Author Victor Vasnetsov (1848 -1926)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Paper type Linen, 230 g/m2
Museum of original From collection of the Tretyakov Gallery
Genres Fairy Genre Tale
Epochs Art of the 19th centuries
Publication size B2 (50x70 )
Publication type Fine Art Print
Date of Origin 1898
Paper size (custom print) 50x70 .
Size of original, cm 295.3x446
The artist has been painting this pcture for about 20 years. Vasnecovs topic is the heroic epos about Elias Muromec, Dobrnya Nikitich and Alesha Popovich( defenders of Russian people). It is embodied in the forms, where all members of the figurative language exaggerate substantial values. The steppe with violent grasss, powerful horses with huge manes, mighty bogatyrs - all as if is predatory in value, that creates a distance between a reality and fiction. The bogatyrs are a character of power of the people and mandatory power by reliably guarded border post.

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State Tretyakov Gallery
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Nicholas Roerich Museum New York

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