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How to contact us
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How to work with the shopping cart
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How to contact us

Michurin str. 23,
Tel. +7 846 2702011; Fax +7 846 270-23-77
The Web-shop office open:
Monday - Thursday
8.00 am - 5.00 pm Moscow Time (GMT+3 (4 in summer)).

Viewing the catalogue

All wares in our web-shop are arranged in groups, such as fine art posters, fine art postcards, etc. You may shift from one group to another using a navigation panel. You can also use the Advanced search in each subgroup of wares. For example, in the section fine art posters you can choose an art print by the name of an artist or by the format. Each ware has a short description and price. In order to get additional information about a certain ware, click its image or the Item name, and you will enter the Item description page. Here you will see:

  •  detailed information on the chosen product;
  •  the enlarged image of a product.

How to work with the shopping cart

The Shopping cart contains all the wares chosen by you, which you wish to order. You can add wares to the shopping cart either from the Group of wares or from the Item description page.

Please, note! You can add to the cart several items at time if all of them are on one page Group of wares. To do this, type the quantity you need and click the button Add to the cart. Adding a ware to the cart you enter the Shopping cart page. After all the needed wares have been sent to the Shopping cart, you can change the quantity of the ordered products by typing necessary numbers in the field Quantity and by clicking the button Recalculate. The price of wares and their net weight will be recalculated automatically. To remove a ware from the cart type number "0" (zero). After clicking the button Recalculate the ware will be removed from the list.

At the bottom of the Shopping cart page you can see two buttons. If you click the button Clear the cart, all the wares will be removed from it. After that, the contents of the cart can be restored only by its new refilling. After you have sent all the chosen wares to the cart and indicated the necessary quantity of each item, click the button Order.

How to order

The process of ordering consists of three steps.

  1. Fill in the order form. Asterisks mark required fields. If you are already a registered customer, just type your name and password. If not, fill in the order form and click the button Submit. The password should be typed in the fields "password" and "reenter the password." Your information will be added in the list of registered customers. It will give you an advantage not to fill in the order form in future, you'll just have to type your name and password. All the information given by you will be used for performance your order only, and will not be given to any third party.
  2. Choose the postal service for the delivery of your order. Charges for any of the offered ways of delivery will be calculated automatically.
  3. You are offered to make payment.

Delivery of goods

Surface Mail
This is the slowest mail, but the cheapest one. It delivers products as registered packages weighing not more than 5 kg, or as parcels. The delivery from Russia abroad takes about 1-3 months.

Air Mail
The delivery from Russia by air mail takes about 3-6 weeks. It delivers products as registered packages weighing not more than 5 kg, or as parcels. As the weight of one parcel sent abroad cannot exceed 5 kg, your order can be sent in several packages without the increase of the price for the number of places.

DHL - Express Mail
You can get acquainted with the rules, prices, and services of DHL on its site in the Internet.

If prices of the postal services rise before your order is sent to you, the cost of your order will be calculated anew according to the changes without any preliminary notice from our side.


The quality of your shipment is our priority and the materials we use to package our products help to prevent damage during transit. It allows us to ship our products all over the world. We ship items to you in three ways. It depends on the size of the print.

  • If the print is or larger than 40x50cm (15.7x19.7 inch) it is rolled - never folded and placed into a strong custom made mailing box to assure their safe arrival. The mailing box is made in the form of a triangular tube. The print is rolled and wrapped in protective paper. Then it is placed into the tube that, in its turn, is wrapped in a waterproof polyethylene film.
  • If the print smaller than 40x50cm (15.7x19.7 inch) it is placed between 2 sturdy slabs in order not to damage it and then wrapped in protective paper and in waterproof polyethylene film.
  • If you have ordered several items and they are of different sizes, they will be shipped to you separately and the packing will be in accordance with the size of each item.

We take exceptional care to assure your order will arrive to you in perfect condition. Please contact us immediately if your poster or print has arrived damaged. We shall do our best to solve the problem.

Methods of payment

1. We accept VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard, JCB International and Diners Club credit card payments through the ASSIST Internet payments system.

The payment is considered to be made after the verification of your credit card. Right after that we start to prepare your order for delivery. After the verification we also send you an e-mail with the information on your order.

Note: The cost of one order (including delivery charges) should not exceed 500 USD. If your single order exceeds this sum, it should be divided into several orders (up to $400 each) and submitted to us separately.

2. You can pay by Western Union payment system. Contact us for details.
Please provide us Sender: First Name, Last Name, Address (Street, City, Country, Postal Code), Amount and with the control number from the Western Union form.
Note: You can find out information about Western Union money transferring system in a local bank.

3. You can pay by Bank Transfer. You can transfer money to AgniArt's bank account. Contact us for details.
Note: You can find out information about Bank Transfer in a local bank.

4. Also you can pay by Yandex.Money payment system. It is fast, secure and convenient way to pay online.


We provide system of discounts in our shop.

Discounts affects ONLY production of "Agni" Publishing house: posters, postcards, calendars, books.

If the amount of purchases of those products exceeds 200 USD the discout is 5%. If the amount of purchases of those products exceeds 400 USD the discout is 7%.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please contact us immediately. You may return items for a refund or for exchange within 30 days of receiving any products, if the problem has appeared because of our error.

All products are carefully packed and fully guarantees that your order will arrive in mint condition.

If you receive an item that has been damaged during shipping or if we have made an error, please report such problems to us immediately and we shall do our best to solve them. If the return of the product is the only one solution, please repackage the item in the original shipping container. All returned products must be in original condition.

Here's the thing: art prints and posters are very susceptible to damage. One little bend, wrinkle or tear ruins the entire piece. So, please, take extreme measures to ensure the items are returned undamaged.

Please insure returns, as we will not be responsible for a shipment returned damaged.

The refund will always be made in the currency and method by which payment was originally made.

Return instructions:
You must e-mail to with the following details in order for us to authorize a return:

  1. Order #, First & Last Name
  2. The title(s) of the item(s) you want to return
  3. Specify reason for return: damaged, received incorrect item or size, received duplicate item, quality of item not as expected, etc.
  4. Specify what action you would like us to take for you: Free Replacement or Refund?

We do not refund shipping and handling charges. The customer must pay return shipping charge unless it was our shipping error. If you received an item damaged or defective, we will ship a replacement at no charge.

Please note:

  • Shipping charges are not refundable
  • Return postage is the responsibility of the customer
  • Refunds are not applicable to damaged returns

How to get regular information about new wares

You can regularly receive information about new accessions to the web-shop by e-mail. For this, you should register in the web-shop and mark the "Subscribe to our newsletter" option in the registration form.

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100 Paintings from the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York
Album Samara
Smirnov-Rusetsky Boris. Belukha. Fine art print A3
Roerich Nicholas. Lake of the Nagas. Kashmir. Fine art print A3
Shishkin Ivan. Oaks. Fine art print A3
The first Soviet military SUV. Album
Ship at sea. Fine art print A4
For the Russian Land! Historical painting by Evgeny Emelyanov. Album
Nikolay Feshin. A set of cards 10x15 cm
Kuinji Arkhip. Waves. Fine art print A3
State Tretyakov Gallery
State Russian Museum
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Nicholas Roerich Museum New York

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Agni Publishing House (Samara, Russia), Nicholas Roerich Museum (New York) and Fine Arts Academy Gallery (Moscow, Russia) have published a unique album, dedicated to the pictorial heritage of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).

Nicholas Roerich. Album, volume 2Will be available on the second volume of a unique publication dedicated to the works of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).
The album was released by the publishing house "Agni" (Samara), with active cooperation of the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York, as well as the Moscow Gallery Fine Arts Academy and the St. Petersburg State Museum and Institute of the Roerich Family.