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Canvas art print of Pavel Fedotov's works

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Fedotov Pavel. The Major Goes Courting. Fine art print B2
Paper Type: Matt paper, 300 g/m2
7.00 3-5 working days
Fedotov Pavel. The Major Goes Courting. Fine art print B3
Paper Type: Linen, 230 g/m2
5.70 Not

 Pavel Fedotov (1815-1852)
Russian painter, drawer. In 1833 he began to attend the evening classes of The Art Academy of Petersburg. In 1844 after his resignation he decided to devote himself only to painting. His most famous work its the painting The Major Goes Courting. In 1848 after the presentation of this picture to the Art Academy Council, Fedotov was granted by the academician title in the field of domestic scene painting. Fedovovs portrait creativity is the closest kind of painting in Russian art to miniature.

See also:
Canvas art print of Pavel Fedotov's works

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