Dongen Kees van . Woman in a Black Hat. Fine art postcard A6
Dongen Kees van . Woman in a Black Hat. Fine art postcard A6

Dongen Kees van . Woman in a Black Hat. Fine art postcard A6

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Author Cornelis Theodorus Marie van Dongen (Kees) (1877 -1968)
Media of Original Painting Oil on canvas
Paper type Linen, 230 g/m2
Museum of original From collection of the Hermitage museum
Genres Female Portraits
Style Fauvists
Countries The Art of France
Epochs Art of the 20th centuries
Publication size A6 (1015 )
Publication type Fine art postcard
Date of Origin 1908
Paper size (custom print) 15x10 cm
Size of original, cm 100x81.5
There are several works by Van Dongen in the Hermitage, but Woman in a Black Hat is the most successful one. This is a peculiar portrait, whose model is unknown. There are only some vague suppositions that it depicts one of the music-hall actresses. There are both the similarity of appearance and of character in the picture, but at the same time there is much typical in it. The picture has no date, but judging by its qualities of painting we can suppose that it was created in the very beginning of the century, when the artists passion for fauvism was the most strong. The colouring of the work is very difficult. There is much black in it, but the picture is not dark or gloomy, on the contrary, it makes a bright and vivid impression. Black contrasts here with very light, only a bit nuanced colour of the background, which flows into more dense blue and violet shades in the upper part of the picture. The combination of black and green produces a beautifully festive effect. The face of the woman is the most accented by brightness centre of the picture. All the face consists of bright patches of colour and reflexes the blue shadow of the hat neighbours with the yellow patch of light on the forehead. On the left lighted up cheek blue reflexes as if slip into the beautiful violet pink speck. On the right cheek there is a transparent shadow accented by the bright radiant patch of a greenish colour the light reflex of the green shawl. Having become one of the most popular portraitists, Van Dongen was always devoted to the truth of life in his manner of painting based on the principles of fauvism.

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