Ancient Russian Architecture of the 11th - 16 th Centuries. A set of postcards 15x21 cm
Ancient Russian Architecture of the 11th - 16 th Centuries. A set of postcards 15x21 cm

Ancient Russian Architecture of the 11th - 16 th Centuries. A set of postcards 15x21 cm

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Paper type Glossy, 300 g/m2
Publication size A5 (1521 )
Publication type Set of postcards
Set from 13 cards:

Novgorod. St. Sophias Cathedral. 10451050

Novgorod. The Yuryev Monastery. St. Georges Cathedral. Master: Pyotr. 1119
Vladimir Province. Bogolyubovo. The Stair Tower of the Princes Palace Ensemble. 11581165
Vladimir Province. Bogolyubovo. The Church of the Intercession of the Virgin on the Nerl. 1165
Vladimir. The Assumption Cathedral. 11581160. Reconstructed in 11851189. A belfry. 1810
Vladimir. St. Dmitrys Cathedral. 11941197
Yuryev-Polsky. St. Georges Cathedral. 12301234. Reconstructed in 1471
Pskov. The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin at the Snetogorsky Monastery. 13091311
Novgorod. The Church of the Saviours Transfiguration at Kovalyovo. 1345
Novgorod. The Church of the Saviours Transfiguration in Ilyina Street. 1374
Pskov. The Church of the Assumption at Paromenye. 1521. Rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries. A belfry. 16th century
Pskov. The Krom. The Ploskaya (16th century) and the Kutekroma (15th century) Towers
Pskov. The Intercession and Nativity of Our Lady Double Church of the Breach at the Intercession Monastery. 16th century

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