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The Samara region. Journey to history 15.00 3-15 working days
The temples of Khajuraho. Album
The album is dedicated to the world famous monument of Indian architecture. - Samara: Publishing "Agni" house, "Art Light", 2016. - 280 p .: ill., Russian., Hard cover.
27.00 3-15 working days
The temples of Shatrunjai. Album
The album is addressed to everyone who is interested in Jainism in particular and the culture of India as a whole.
- Samara: Publishing "Agni" house, "Art Light", 2020. - 280 pages: ill., Russian, Hard cover.
70.00 3-15 working days
Thomas Vaughan. Aula lucis or the house of light
Publishing house "Agni", 2018. 486 pages, 175245 mm, Russian.
ISBN 978-5-9908873-1-2
22.00 3-15 working days
Two months of insight
Samara: Dobrusich publishing house, 2011.-272 p., hardcover, 210150 mm. Russian
6.70 3-15 working days
V. Voitov, N. Tikhmenyova-Pozdneyeva. Alexey Pozdneyev and His Oriental Collection
Samara: Agni, 2001. 108 p., 205x240 mm, flexicover, lamination, 72 colour illustrations; Russian
5.00 3-15 working days
Vagan Karkarian. Secrets of wooden decorate the Samara. (Rus.)
Decorate with the mysteries of ancient Samara. Album.
The publishing house "Agni", 2012.
352 pages with color and black-and-white illustrations.
ISBN 978-5-89850-205-8
47.00 3-15 working days
Vagan Karkarian. The Volga River  The City of Samara: a Journey Through Centuries
Samara, Agni Publishing House, 2011. 304 p.: ill. Russian.
Format: 27 x 21 cm.
ISBN 978-5-89850-157-0
38.90 Not
Yakovleva H. Theatrical and Scenic Art of N. Roerich
Samara: Agni, 1996.  - 272 pages: colour and black-and-white illustrations; soft cover; 220x285 mm, Russian
23.00 3-15 working days
Yevgeny Matochkin. Russian Saints. Nicholas Roerich. An art album
In Russian. 2007. 64 pages. ISBN 5-89850-057-3
6.50 3-15 working days
Yevgeny Matochkin. The Image of Christ. Nicholas Roerich. An art album
In Russian. 2007. 56 pages, 245x230. ISBN 5-89850-056-6
6.50 3-15 working days
Yevgeny Matochkin. The image of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Russian Art
In Russian. 2006. 48 pages, 245x245. ISBN 5-89850-051-0
6.40 3-15 working days
Zhiguli. At the crossroads of times. Kirchevskaya S. Book for children
Samara: Art-Light, 2021.
20.00 3-15 working days
Samara. Album 13.50 3-15 working days

1 | 2 | 3 | all (56 items total)

We offer you assistance with the purchase of: books of ethical and philosophical character, books and albums on art. Now we present to your attention the books of the Agni Publishing House. In future we also plan to sell books of the same character printed by other publishers. The assortment is constantly enriched.

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For the Russian Land! Historical painting by Evgeny Emelyanov. Album
Nikolay Feshin. A set of cards 10x15 cm
Kuinji Arkhip. Waves. Fine art print A3
Art therapy. Minerals (1). A set of photo posters A3
Album Samara
Warrior Knights of the Russian Land. A set of cards 10x15 cm
Alexander Nevskiy. A set of cards 10x15 cm
Biography of Paracelsus or Theophrastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541). Stoddart A.
Aivazovsky Ivan. Fishermen on the Seashore. Fine art print A3
Vasily Polenov. Russian landscapes. A set of cards 10x15 cm
State Tretyakov Gallery
State Russian Museum
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Nicholas Roerich Museum New York

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Dear Sirs!
Agni Publishing House (Samara, Russia), Nicholas Roerich Museum (New York) and Fine Arts Academy Gallery (Moscow, Russia) have published a unique album, dedicated to the pictorial heritage of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).

Nicholas Roerich. Album, volume 2Will be available on the second volume of a unique publication dedicated to the works of Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).
The album was released by the publishing house "Agni" (Samara), with active cooperation of the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York, as well as the Moscow Gallery Fine Arts Academy and the St. Petersburg State Museum and Institute of the Roerich Family.