Roerich Nicholas. Ajanta: Rock Temples. Fine art postcard A6
Roerich Nicholas. Ajanta: Rock Temples. Fine art postcard A6

Roerich Nicholas. Ajanta: Rock Temples. Fine art postcard A6

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Author Nicholas Roerich (1874 -1947)
Media of Original Painting Tempera on canvas
Paper type Mat paper, 300 g/m2
Genres Mountain Scenes
Epochs Art of the 20th centuries
Publication size A6 (1015 )
Publication type Fine art postcard
Date of Origin 1938
Paper size (custom print) 10x15 cm
Size of original, cm 91x124.4
The complex, sculptured in rocks of Buddhist monastery ( 2c.BC 7c.AC). There are architectural forms, sculptural décor, paintings devoted to Buddhist mythology full of rich fantasy and color and rhythm beauty. Masters, who made this buildings, inacarnated rural wood architectures forms in stone. Caves, build later on, are designed with sculptures and paintings very rich. These monuments demonstrate the splendor of empire Guptah official art. At the same time painters put realistic and colorous folklore details into them.

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